I am grateful to Jameson Currier for selecting this poem for publication at Chelsea Station Magazine; head over to the site HERE.




In 2010 Jameson Currier founded Chelsea Station Editions, an independent press devoted to gay literature. Among the authors the press has published are debut writers Dan Lopez, Gil Cole, Michael Graves, J.R. Greenwell, Jeffrey Luscombe, Craig Moreau, David Pratt, and William Sterling Walker, and veterans Felice Picano, Walter Holland, Charles Silverstein, Wesley Gibson, Tom Cardamone, and Jon Marans. The press also serves as the home for Mr. Currier’s own writings which now span a career of more than four decades. Books published by the press have been honored by the Lambda Literary Foundation, the American Library Association GLBTRT Roundtable, the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival, the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards Foundation, and the Rainbow Book Awards. In 2011, Mr. Currier launched the literary magazine Chelsea Station, which has published the works of more than a hundred writers. In 2014 Mr. Currier relaunched Chelsea Station as an online magazine devoted to gay literature.

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